Technical Papers

The program committee of the 2011 SPE Oklahoma City Oil and Gas Symposium invites you to submit a paper proposal to this highly anticipated event. Formally known as the SPE Production Operations Symposium, this conference has a long history (dating back to 1979) of knowledge sharing through an in-depth technical program, short courses, panel discussions and an exhibition of the latest industry technologies. This biannual meeting is devoted to the advancement of exploration, drilling, completion, and production operations. The 2021 theme is “Thriving Through the Highs and Lows”,and will be held on April 5-8 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

The program committee solicits high quality abstracts for papers on oil and gas drilling, completions, production, operations, and reservoir engineering technologies. The symposium’s technical papers offer innovative solutions to help operators solve their engineering challenges, introduce them to new and emerging technologies, and achieve or improve commercial success. Our goal is to help the oil and gas industry improve program economics and extend commerciality to previously undevelopable hydrocarbon reserves.

Topic Areas

  • Development of Unconventional Reservoirs
  • Casing Deformation and Failure
  • Completion Operations (Fracturing and Acidizing)
  • Data Driven Solutions
  • Drilling Measurement, Data Acquisition and Automation
  • Economics, Planning and Field Development
  • Emerging Technologies
  • Enhanced Oil Recovery
  • Fracture Diagnostics
  • Fracturing Fluids and Materials
  • Health, Safety and Environment
  • Logging and Formation Evaluation
  • Perforating and Cluster Optimization
  • Production Operations (includes Facilities and Artificial Lift)
  • Reservoir Engineering
  • Well Construction / Drilling Operations
  • Well Shut-in and Restart Operations
  • Well Spacing/Stacked Pay

The deadline for abstract submittal has been extended to October 5th, 2020.

Thank you for your consideration of and participation in this important technical conference. Please accept our invitation and plan to attend the 2021 SPE Oklahoma City Oil and Gas Symposium.

We expect authors to credit all sources used in their writings and not to represent work of others as their own. Authors found to have plagiarized the work of another are subject to having their paper removed from the conference program and from OnePetro. Future submissions from authors found to have plagiarized will be scrutinized carefully. In the case of students found to be plagiarizing the work of others, SPE may inform the student’s university.

In an effort to further improve SPE’s technical quality standards, all submitted conference papers will be checked for plagiarism.

SPE has a stated policy against use of commercial trade names, company logos or text that is commercial in tone in the paper title, text, or presentation slides. Use of such terms will result in careful scrutiny by the Program Committee in evaluation paper proposals and the presence of commercialism in the paper will result in it being withdrawn from the program.

It is acceptable to submit the same abstract for consideration for more than one SPE meeting. However, each abstract/paper can only be assigned one SPE number.

If your abstract is accepted for more than one conference the correct process is as follows. SPE will assign a SPE number to your paper and it will be presented at the first conference for which it was accepted. If the abstract is accepted to a second conference, you are obligated to inform the committee for the second conference. That committee will then have the option to include you as an “invited” speaker, but you will not receive a second SPE number assigned to the paper.

In addition, simply re-writing the paper containing the same technical content in an attempt to generate 2 SPE papers is not allowed. Each SPE paper must be unique and offer new data/insights to our industry