UPDATE – 2021 Symposium Canceled

SPE OKC has a proud tradition of hosting the Symposium biennially for decades as a premier technical conference. For the past few months, we have had a dedicated committee made up of passionate and brilliant individuals that spent countless hours into evaluating all options for hosting such a conference but after careful deliberation, we have decided to cancel the symposium. We believe it’s the best option that guarantees the safety and health of all our members, attendees and our community. We continue to work hard to find alternatives in the form of conferences/joint events at a latter date to provide further opportunities for technical exchanges, so please stay tuned. If you have any specific questions around the cancellation of the symposium, please email email@speokcogs.org
– The 2021 SPE OKC Oil and Gas Symposium Committee

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Symposium Information

 2021 Symposium is cancelled

Safety is our priority

We are working with SPE and other conferences to come up with a plan that would keep everyone safe





Abstract submissions are closed on 10-05-2020

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This biennial symposium held at the Cox Convention Center in Oklahoma City is devoted to showcasing the most advanced proven technologies as well as future or emerging technological concepts to further the development and production of oil and natural gas.

The meeting will present papers to help operators achieve commercial viability with innovative solutions to drilling, completion, and production engineering issues. The goal is to help the oil and gas industry improve well and program economics and extend commercial success to reservoirs that are difficult to produce.